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VampireFreak_99 By VampireFreak_99 Updated Jan 06, 2016

(Book One) Rory is a cute, innocent boy who has a dark and sad past. His parents didn't want because he was gay. His uncle took his parents position as the mother and father figure. He has lived with his uncle for four years. He is now a sophomore in high school. He has only one friend, Jordan, that he grew up with since he was little. They overcome the obstacles of high school. One obstacle that seems to always be in the way for both boys are the boys. Rory likes three brothers...while Jordan...that's a story for another time. Rory has it bad for these brothers. I mean they are bad boys. Of course the innocent bad boy will fall for the dark, seductive...boys or men at that. I mean who wouldn't but those three boys are holding secrets and secret desires. These secrets happen in the past and when the past just randomly shows up, then new enemies will be introduced, old enemies will become friends, and all the unanswered questions will be answered.

Secrets will be reveal and the brothers' aren't the only ones holding secrets. Rory's family is also holding secrets especially his uncle. I mean his secrets aren't as bad as the brothers' secrets. I mean his secrets have to do with his life in high school. I mean everyone keeps things in the past that they don't want anyone to find out but his secret is something you wouldn't consider a secret. It's just first love. So what do you have with all of's a complicated love story.

Book One of Dangerous Men series

aaliyahphillip11 aaliyahphillip11 Aug 31, 2016
First sentence came to mind "You know a foursome ain't that bad"😆
Gunnaboo Gunnaboo Sep 16, 2016
Yep California gets really cold in the winter😒 some of my friends have never even seen snow
JubiMarie123 JubiMarie123 Feb 10, 2016
He's there because you apparently don't own locks on your front door.
aaliyahphillip11 aaliyahphillip11 Sep 01, 2016
I have a feeling this is going to end up like the one shot book, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-VVVVVVVIIIIIIIIICCCCCCEEEEEENNNNNNNNTTTT!!!!
KaySetonks KaySetonks Mar 07, 2016
Poor haven,he is trying to save  rory from getting hurt as he did!
aaliyahphillip11 aaliyahphillip11 Sep 01, 2016
So sad my country doesn't get winter, no snow nothing, only dry and wet season!!!😧😧😧