May I Cum. ( New Version) Boy x Boy

May I Cum. ( New Version) Boy x Boy

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GoYaoiNeverGoBack By GoYaoiNeverGoBack Updated Feb 07

Hi the names Shane biscotti I'm 17 years old and I'm a shy person. I tend to stick to my self but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings. I've had a crush the past few years on a hunky Indian named Danny I was very content with watching from afar, but when fates come onto play how can I resist the temptation.!!!!!

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This is the rewritten version...!

okaybbz okaybbz Feb 16
Why is his hair longer than most girls at my school 😂😂😂
TheTigerOfTheNorth TheTigerOfTheNorth Oct 05, 2016
Is he an Asian? Hehe because long hair ... Never mind school joke
SaBamBam SaBamBam Aug 07, 2016
John RedCorn from King of The Hill💀💀😭 I'm just kidding!
Ar_adia Ar_adia Aug 08, 2016
Aaaaaand now all I can imagine is Shane Dawson.... even though his eyes are blue
kayleigh870 kayleigh870 Feb 12
Blah. Two adverbs cannot b used as an adjective. 😂😂 Agonizingly slow or jus saying it went by slowly makes sense. But in this case slowly is the adverb which describes going. So agonizingly jus..messes with my head. Idek. 😂😂 Can someone explain? Haha
SaBamBam SaBamBam Aug 07, 2016
I have to!!!
                              "It's the remix to ignition
                              Hot and fresh out the kitchen
                              Mama rollin' that body
                              Got every man in here wishin' " 💀💀💀😭