3 A.M. (Camren)

3 A.M. (Camren)

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Mahogany Alexis By MahoganyAlexis Updated May 10, 2017

Lauren Jauregui has always been a night owl. Always in bed before 5 a.m. and always up again when the sun went down. For as long as she could remember it's always been like that. Being homeschooled wasn't a problem for her. She set her schedule around her hours. Of course her parents were more than flexible. 

That's the way Lauren liked it, her only friend Normani; thought Lauren was strange at first when they met a playground back in the third grade. It interested her how somebody could live they're whole life avoiding the sunlight. She often assumed Lauren was a vampire but, as she got older that thought died down.

Lauren often wondered if she'd be like this forever. She was content with it but, something just wasn't enough. Never knowing what was really out there behind the hours she never saw.

Little did she know all it would take to change all of that is one encounter at 3 A.M.

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I mean duh she’s from planet green eyes and the magical creature is called a camren
The_Unknown1628 The_Unknown1628 Oct 11, 2015
Omg I see what you did there with all the song references I love it. Can't wait for the the next chapter (〜^∇^)〜