Closet Freak (Kirito X Reader LEMON!)

Closet Freak (Kirito X Reader LEMON!)

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Ashley Kay By Slendy_Ash Completed


"I want to show you a different side of me. But you have to promise me you'll enjoy it."


Guys stop hating on Asuna..Not like if she was real or anything. .
AnimeVex AnimeVex Jun 05
That's mah life.
                              The guy I like doesn't liek me.
                              He always hangs out with another girl :C
                              *Grabs out knife*
                              YOU SHALL PAY GIRL!
The story of meh life....
                              Its also annoying AF
JuminHan606 JuminHan606 Apr 26
I love characters Like reader Chan she's not all perfect she's a human who makes mistakes and not someone who is just good at everything. It makes her relatable out of all
That's me, just self-conscious about EVERYTHING. Like, 'Would people make fun of me if I wore this?' Or 'If I made this decision would people think I'm an Idiot?'. Ya know, that kind of stuff.
juria_naruse juria_naruse Dec 16, 2016
I love this story! This is the second time i'm reading it. Arigato for making such a good story.