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The Billionaire's Trap

The Billionaire's Trap

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Strongforever By Strongforever200 Updated Jul 14, 2016

"That's my last offer take it or leave it" I confirmed unwaveringly yet I could feel my heart pounding fiercely in my chest. Our eyes met and I could see something flicker in his eyes that I couldn't point out exactly but it sent Goosebumps all over my body as if confirming my belief that I was way in over my head.He smiled and pushed the pen towards me.Taking a quick breath I just signed the damn thing. Abruptly he stood and gave me his hand to shake 
"Ms Anderson you've got yourself a deal" he shook my hand but I could see a dangerous promise lurking in his steel grey eyes telling me I was so going to regret this!
 Sophia Anderson needs someone to teach her what a man wants and needs from a woman?How to seduce a man and what to do exactly?In short,she needs a guy to teach her how to make any grown man fall at her feet. She knows she is an okay looking girl but now she needs someone to transform herself into a vixen because in this world and age sex sells and that's the plain truth.And she has just the man for the job,Parker Gage,agreed to help her after knowing him on facebook for a few weeks as she wanted someone far away from her social surroundings. But what she doesn't know is that the man she is negotiating the price with is not Parker but Theodore Andreadis!The Greek billionaire, who unlike his rich friends is never seen in the tabloids for let's just say his personal life is off limits to Everyone,who was just here on a business meeting and due to a minor table mix-up is amusingly watching her make a total fool of herself.The confused billionaire had not the slightest idea what was going on and what this woman was rambling about but hell if he was going to back out.I mean seriously when was the last time someone propositioned him for sex in exchange for money?Like Never!Who would dare to talk with him in such a manner?But this one is different she doesn't just want sex she wants to learn the game of seduction making it a

Recklis Recklis May 12, 2016
Sounds like the wrong guy....but I could have the wrong thought lol.  I likey :D
Maria11 Maria11 Oct 06, 2015
Ok...I like it but why does she have to do this?  Is someone blackmailing her or does she just want to know.  That part is kinda confusing.