Picture Perfect (Rated R) (GirlxGirl, GxG, Lesbian)

Picture Perfect (Rated R) (GirlxGirl, GxG, Lesbian)

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Rosie By Scarlet18 Updated Aug 17, 2016

Sequel to Once Upon A Dream. 3rd & Final Installment.

After taking three years off from school, assured that little Calvin is comfortable with a babysitter, Jasmine's finally ready to start her freshman year at her dream college whilst Crystal's career constantly keeps her away from their home. Jasmine had never been in a long distance relationship that takes up more than a month before and with guys and girls shamelessly keep throwing themselves at the young mother, not to mention with the frequent picture of Crystal and some other celebrity --whether they'd be a boy or a girl-- on every tabloids, will their love even last?

WARNING: This will have explicit sexual scenes between an Intersex girl and her girlfriend. Those underage may not read this unless you want to, but, know that I warned you! Those that are above 18+ but don't like sexual content then this story is not for you either so I would suggest to read something else! Thanks.

YungJam YungJam May 17, 2016
I'm crushed about jasmine and steph not being together hahaha
rensphinx rensphinx Jan 23, 2016
I have a question is jasmine have sex with a man so she get pregnant
gemini2272 gemini2272 Dec 18, 2015
I`m still shipping Crymine... If you might in the future forget that!
inaham inaham Oct 17, 2015
I know im a little evil now...I still wanna see Jasmine has ascandal with Steph lol! I just missed both of them...I mean being matured and fall in love all over again...mysterious and forbidden awww hehe
Scarlet18 Scarlet18 Oct 17, 2015
Lol I did sorry. XD thanks. Steph? A hint, she'll come back much later on.
KingMeBossy KingMeBossy Oct 17, 2015
GIRL I DID NOT KNOW YOU STARTED THE SEQUEL ALREADY .. I'm over here super bored thinking you wasn't gone do it but check you out .. Anyways let me go catch up .. Btw Good start (wait what's up with Steph tho)