Wisteria Series: Book II: Forever Strong (Fujiwara Yuko Sequel)

Wisteria Series: Book II: Forever Strong (Fujiwara Yuko Sequel)

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Book II: Wisteria Series: Forever Strong (Fujiwara Yuko Sequel)

I saw nothing but the darkness of the cell before me. I felt nothing but the cold, hard floor. I heard nothing but the scurrying of mice from one side to the other. All I could taste were the hazardous chemicals in the air. All I could smell was the poison they used to drug me.

	“Help . . .” I croaked as the man left the room, again, after drugging me with poison against my will.

*Note: I do not own Naruto.

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FujiwaraYuko FujiwaraYuko Jun 24, 2013
@SaikaKouzlo I made this when I didn't really understand Naruto. It was mainly for my friend, @Kizuato_Chi and my sister. Now that I understand it more . . . I hope my later fan fictions will be better. -.-
maiichiro maiichiro Apr 13, 2013
Thanks! I absolutely love your Naruto Fanfics! You should update a lot!
FujiwaraYuko FujiwaraYuko Apr 13, 2013
@Walkingonthewildside Truth be told . . . I really don't know. I think it will be either when this chapter has 100 reads or I'll update once a week. For the most part, it'll probably be once a week. ^-^