The Duelist's Seduction

The Duelist's Seduction

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The Duelist's Seduction- Book 1 in the Seduction Series (Novella)

Helen Banks is going to die. When her twin brother gambles away their fortune, she must save his life and take his place in a duel to satisfy the honor of a man her brother couldn't pay. Disguised as her brother, Helen faces the one man she's admired from afar, a widower with a dark past and eyes that scorch her very soul.

Since Gareth Fairfax lost his wife, the darkness in his heart continues to grow. Lashing out at anyone who opposes him, Gareth is stunned to face a lovely young woman opposite his dueling pistol. After discovering Helen's deception, he offers her a choice: become his mistress or her brother dies.

Their devil's bargain turns into a slow, sweet, intoxicating seduction. With each passing hour, Helen uncovers Gareth's secret heartbreak and yet she can't help but fall for the man who has ruined her. With Helen in his arms, Gareth wonders if he might yet be saved. All it takes is one passionate embrace, a kiss from the depths of his soul and a night of wild abandon.

**Warning: This book contains a brooding gentleman with a tragic past and an innocent heroine who believes in the power of love.

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GlitterinqM GlitterinqM Jul 12, 2016
if no one is here from Storm and silence Omg go and see ambroses story with a girl who dresses up like a man aswell!!!
Lailli Lailli Jun 09, 2016
It actually started great but to finish it with the most unoriginal and overused twist ever is disappointing. But thanks for trying.
MickeyHalley MickeyHalley Dec 04, 2016
Good evening
                              How far was his house?? To take all day to drive? Wow!! :)
GrneyedIrishrose GrneyedIrishrose Feb 27, 2016
...outside her door, ....
                              I've been reading your books for a while, now.  I have preordered your next installment of the forbidden step-brother series.
sazidakhanom sazidakhanom Sep 29, 2016
Oh my gosh poor thing 😢😭 she has ass of her brother and this guy who want to use her 😞
Lailli Lailli Jun 09, 2016
She was there because she didn't wanted to be a prostitute but it is completely ok to pay her brothers debt by selling her self to the man she has a crush on. Wow. So contradicting it is off putting.