TS2: Trust Your Senses

TS2: Trust Your Senses

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ChillzieDahPotato By ChillzieGamxz31 Completed

A year had passed after that unforgettable adventure.... The Unknown Archer was not as Unknown as she was supposed to be anymore. Considering the fact that she saved the whole town, who wouldn't forget a hero's sacrifice for everybody?

Randy and Y/N continued their double lives. It wasn't that bad since the romance between them finally upheld for them to be an "OFFICIAL" couple. If Theresa and Brent are the most popular couple in school... Randy and Y/N are waaaaay even more. 

Life was perfect, they say... But... Would it be the same if, Danny Fenton, a boy from Amity Park, Colorado, moves into Norrisville.... And entered their story? He possesses ghost powers, which people found a bit... Amusing.... The ninja felt that his cheese was being stolen from him... So things did not work out between the both of them... Especially if that topic is Y/N....

Freshmen? Well... Time to move on into being a sophomore...


I do not own the shows "Randy Cunningham 9th Grade ninja" and "Danny Phantom".

The only thing that came from me was the main character "Y/n" or known as the readers. And some new characters coming in the book...

Some parts are inspired by the shows themselves, So I have no rights to say that the whole book was completely my idea.

But the rest was all my my creation besides the shows and some stuff.

Though, the whole plot line was really my idea. So if you caught anybody copying this book, kindly inform me immediately.

At least tell me the reason why before you do. Don't wait for me to catch you red handed and be sad about it.

Unless you had this idea as well without me knowing. Just say something please.

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-pluxo- -pluxo- Jul 01, 2017
Wtf. I had a earthquake today so this is very odd. It was 4.2 and shook for 10 seconds.
_Saucelynn_ _Saucelynn_ Jul 04, 2016
Please update bc you @ChillzieGamxz31 are da best writer ever!! I love your stories!!
Fearhoodie Fearhoodie Dec 31, 2015
I just posted my art on Twitter for the contest:P It's 20:29 here so I hope Im not to latexD
No its not that bad i mean its really cool art and i like it no imean loved it
SwagifierRulezMC SwagifierRulezMC Nov 17, 2015
First time I finally saw one of your drawings. And i'd judge the same... It's pretty cool.
SwagifierRulezMC SwagifierRulezMC Nov 17, 2015
Wait... So... The guy at the halloween special chapter... Is also this guy!?