For Better, For Worse (BWWM) | COMPLETE ✔

For Better, For Worse (BWWM) | COMPLETE ✔

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The Tiger Lylli 👑 By AyeItsLylli Completed

No one stops to look at a homeless man twice but, Olivia Sampson did. Realising that he might be something special, she tries to reach out to him and be the friend that he needs. But after almost five years of being on his own, Jay finds it hard to trust again. 

He's had his heart broken sorely once before and just simply wishes to love again, to find someone who truly cares for him and will be with him for better and for worse.

☆ Cover by @badxssbieber ☆

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_LxvleyLxdy_ _LxvleyLxdy_ Aug 12, 2017
Wow. Going to college doesn't get you paid, if anything it takes away money.
_LxvleyLxdy_ _LxvleyLxdy_ Aug 12, 2017
That's so sad. You see he's struggling and you don't care enough to help, SMDH
JayLovesSel2011 JayLovesSel2011 2 days ago
Even my friends has to hold me back when i get mad my temper is besp aka  breaking ever scale possible but im known as the sweet girl but say something mean or disrespecting the people i call family i say watch yo back 😏😏😏😎
halfmcn halfmcn Jan 31
wait justin is homeless? i already know how this is going to go down.
missreadalot17 missreadalot17 Aug 15, 2017
I can smother you with a pillow so you don't have to smell him, of course you'll die but that doesn't matter 🙂