His Greatest Emotion [Druna, Harry Potter]

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regina george By _killerqueen_ Completed
[COMPLETED] What happens when Draco Malfoy falls in love with Luna Lovegood, but her heart wants to be stolen by someone else?
omg.. i loved it... :).. i'm a druna since luna appeared on the movie.. i think they're so great together!!!.. i can't stop myself from crying.. great story... :) keep it up!
OH MY GOODNESS YOUR A HARRY POTTER FAN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    So reading this. I actually ship Druna! :)
You know, I've never actually read a Druna. So this could definitely prove to be interesting. =)
                                    Going to start reading this today. =)
Uhm I'm kinda nervous here but... I made you a cover from the adorable pic above... So I hope you like it *smiles shyly*
Wow this is really good I never heard of a druna love story before! This is an awesome story I can't stop reading it :)
love the cover picture :) who knew two sentences could be so effective?