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In Love With A Prisoner

In Love With A Prisoner

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Minnie By beamingbieber Completed

When Kat's been made to go to a guy's prison for stealing shoes, she's nervous and scared. Until she's put in a cell with a murderer. Who would hate two cell mates in love? No much as the Chief. Read through, as Kat and Justin are made to endure extra work, cold nights and judgment from their peers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ***The start of In Love With A Prisoner is inspired by the book/movie, Holes by Louis Sachar. Since it's my first story, I've allowed myself the flaws of the characters not needing to shave, brush their teeth or get their period etc.***

Umm u best be black or there is a major problem here ma'am👋🏽💯
pittywoes pittywoes 2 days ago
"No need to be nervous babe" Are you f ing kidding me really what the hell is wrong with you you're a murderer. Of course I'd be nervous
Muromm Muromm Feb 05
*has been silently laughing while reading this chapter and only noticed it now*
_JB_AG_ _JB_AG_ 2 days ago
in the inside he's the type of white guy who ask's "where is my hug?" and gets rejected
pittywoes pittywoes 2 days ago
You know what I'm sick and tired of this ok? I am putting my foot down. Let me break this down for you ok? Yeah ik I'm a woman and women like getting their nails done, but not ALL women do ok? So shut up! And mind your own business