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Wild Before Tame  •  COMPLETED • ✔

Wild Before Tame • COMPLETED • ✔

23.2K Reads 2.6K Votes 38 Part Story
• Melissa • By MJWOLF Completed


❝I can't keep the wolf from coming up under my skin.❞ 
  Wild. Reckless. Bad boy.

These are but a few words to describe Macaulay.

He struggles to find his place in the world-particularly he struggles not to snap at his family unit - when he is forced to come on vacation, then his life is shaken when he meets a cute girl on this family vacation.

Never once he thought anyone could possibly love him, and finding Mia throws his future plans out of the window.

He cannot breathe without her and for anyone to deny him the right to be with her is like someone denying him his cigarettes.

He simply can't function properly.

But there's a slight problem, he's a werewolf: a very hot-headed one to say the least and has very little persistence. He can change personalities with the flick of a switch and his temper is a wild one.

Its by far his own worst enemy.

And that poses its own risks.

Now someone cares for him, he won't let anyone take her away from him.

Not even the wolf that howl for him to unleashed it to become dangerous and wild.

One question remains.

Can Macaulay face his demons?

Or will his demons be the very thing to destroy his newfound love? 
Wild Before Tame is drafted and  written by me when I was about 15/16. I'm now almost 22 and have grown as a writer. Because to be honest, this isn't that good. Be warned: there will be lots of swearing/bad boy feels/and lots of . . .cliche' moments. I feel this is not my best writing in my opinion. I encourage you to  head over to my account and read: The Dudes Down Under ---
my writing has improved in leaps and bounds after the creation of Wild Before Tame back in 2013...but if you want to still want to read about my wolf-boy, I can't stop you from clicking that read button :)

mrsmgcliffordx mrsmgcliffordx Aug 17, 2016
Plzzzzzzzz never change tiff cover... But Ik u will anyways!
izabellabeene izabellabeene Jul 27, 2016
I need thissssss kind of thing for my story 
                              ugh, its amazing
mrsmgcliffordx mrsmgcliffordx Aug 17, 2016
Bradleysgirlforlife Bradleysgirlforlife Aug 17, 2016
michael clifford as the new smexy boy on the cover is hilarious MJ!
cantforgethim cantforgethim Aug 30, 2016
What a beautiful graphic design and writing skills you have! Definitely going to reread;D