This is a true story that gives a voice to those who struggle to understand our often cruel world.
Omg I love this story I am more about animals than people so this was so heart touching.
Hahaha i like the twist lol:) i knew they were dogs when rosie sunbathed in the garden and the ropes on their neck. But at first i thought they were kids:) amazing story:)
was so tempted to give him a taste of his own medicine however couldn't  stoop to his level. I figure karma will catch up in jail. here's hoping karma takes care of him the sadistic freak
I love your writing. Truly gripping and the ending left me with a smile in spite of all the pain the characters endured.
I absolutely love this story, and I am so glad that yours had a happy ending also.
OMG i thought they were children!!! You  tricked me!! Aww, but I'm glad it had a happy ending, animal cruelty is overlooked far to much, this is a great example that proves that they should be treated equally and respectfully. <3