Demons Contract

Demons Contract

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SeraphOfBooks By SeraphOfBooks Updated Oct 18

You're a normal girl living a completely normal life, until that day. Your life is on a thin thread being played and toyed with Your opinion no longer matters, your life is nothing. Your being used for their entertainment.
                                                              Why did this have to happen to you?
                                                    All because you made that contract with Him...

•Coarse Language 


•Lemon/Smut  ( When it's the right time to do so )

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The demon seems like Sebastian Michaelis... Way too much like him...
The part where it says 'narrator voice' I thought of that voice from fairy tail that always commentates XD
notactive3333333 notactive3333333 Oct 19, 2015
That moment when you bite down on your lip, so you don't blurt out oh mys and 'other' things.
notactive3333333 notactive3333333 Oct 17, 2015
First one commenting *Throws arms in the air* I really like it, I'm. Not usually the type of person reading these types of books but this book makes me want to read more.