Giving Into Forever (Snamione)

Giving Into Forever (Snamione)

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Rumbelleion By adventuregirl72 Updated Oct 03, 2016

Severus Snape survived the war thanks to one bushy, haired, girl. Now, he is forced right back into the miserable position he found himself in before, as Potions Master at Hogwarts. With a selfless Hermione-trying her best to fix every little problem she finds-overhears Severus telling the headmistress he no longer wants to play his part as a Hogwarts staff member, Hermione does all she can to help. Including taking the role to become the next Potions Master herself. Potions Mistress in her case. With her caring heart, and eagerness to be the helpful friend she is will Snape find himself falling for his young apprentice, or will things turn dark when he finds out the truth about Miss Granger? This on top of countless threats trying to tear Snape apart, literately, will the two be able to save themselves, much less each other?

A Snamione fan fiction portraying what it really means to love someone and the trials these two must undergo to be with each other.

I do not own Harry Potter nor am I making any profit off this story. It is simply for your reading pleasure, and my over active imaginations will to run wild. Any characters or concepts that seem familiar all belong to the Master mind I worship J.K Rowling.
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BriLovesMusicandMore BriLovesMusicandMore Mar 30, 2017
IT WAS THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. TELLIN.. Whut did I do? I mean, yesterday was Tuesday...
MonRosarylle MonRosarylle Jun 06, 2017
One, that's merciless neville's duty
                              Two... STUPEFY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds Aug 06, 2016
That part in the 7th movie before obliviating them, Hermione's parents call her for tea and she says,"Coming, mum" at that time, her lips almost makes me cry......😔
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds Jul 09, 2016
For the first time in forever, I'll be dancing through the night.
                              For the first time in forever, there'll be magic, there'll be fun.
                              For the first time in forever, I'll be noticed by someone.
SuperSuspicious SuperSuspicious Jul 07, 2016
Oh guess Snape is out. He almost had all the attributes, too.
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds Jul 09, 2016
I don't really ship Snamione, it's Romione for me, but some Potterheads do write almost in the Rowling's style and that's what interests me......😞