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I won't leave you for anyone (Sting X Reader)

I won't leave you for anyone (Sting X Reader)

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AnimePotato By AnimePotato Updated Apr 18

Y/N has just joined FairyTooth high a high school that mixes two different towns together in one high school. When you first get there you focus on your studies and your friends. That's kinda hard since the dorms are mixed gender well sorta. Girls share rooms with girls and boys share rooms with boys but there aren't any departed buildings or even floors or sides. They're all just kinda mixed in. That can be very distracting especially when there are two very noisy neighbors in the door next door. Those neighbors are Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. You hate them so much because Sting is so noisy playing his guitar all night long. But what happens when you start to fall for him......

I want that a cinnamon pancakes with strawberries and oranhe juice😍
BTW I read alot of modern fairy tail fan fics and rouge is referred to as "skittle eating emo" so if you get any comments off that then iyts off these other fan fics 😂😂
_Jeneration _Jeneration Jan 25
I didn't read the paragraph BUT- It should've been "TOOTHFAIRY" high 😠
NaomiEllaSabari NaomiEllaSabari Aug 30, 2016
I'm reading a lot of noragami fan fics and now when I read fairy tail fan fics I keep reading yukino as yukine and I just say in my head 'yukine? What are you doing? "
I love My chemical romance. And P!ATD
                              and fall out boy. And paramore. 
                              .....and lots of other stuff
BeMySecretShhhhh BeMySecretShhhhh Nov 05, 2016
Yeah, like, what color is Yukino's hair??? White or a very pale blue???
                              The world may never know