twisted (phan) || book #2

twisted (phan) || book #2

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After running away together, Dan and Phil live their life in London, keeping their past locked up. Either way, nothing has changed. In fact, things have gotten worse for the two boys. After Dan pulled the trigger on the gun, he hasn't been the same since. 

Dan and Phil are now the most wanted criminals in the UK for destruction of property, trespassing, robbery, containing illegal drugs and weapons, and last but certainly not least: murder.

[rated R for language, violence and/or gore]

One part of me wants Dan to immediately run back to his father and the other part (probably still the stronger one, though) wants him to stay with Phil.
I'm reading this, looking at the comments and I'm like "Oh, that's a Justin Bieber song?".  *sits down on the floor and rocks back and forth*
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oooh philip you outshine the morning sun, my son, LOOK AT MY SON! PRIDE IS NOT THE WORD IM LOOKING FOOR
I'll look you in the face and say, "Where's your home?
                              Where're you going and why're you here?"
                              Have you asked these questions? Have you been sincere?
                              Wanna know what I believe? It's right here
                              Dig a little deeper and it's crystal clear
                              Sorry I'm trash |-/
Don't do that, Danny. You don't go out into the world in the middle of the night and kill a man, just because he's homophobic. I get it, these people are mean and pathetic, but they still have the right to live. Always keep that in mind.
                              *freaks out and runs around while screaming*