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A Grimm Fairytale (The Brother's Grimm, #1)

A Grimm Fairytale (The Brother's Grimm, #1)

431K Reads 34.3K Votes 45 Part Story
StrangerGranger By TeaNHeartache Completed

The Full Moon. 
A Blood Thirsty Beast. 
One Bite. 
That's the perfect combination for a grim fairytale. 

The only thing Loren Bell cares about is passing all of her college finals and getting some much needed sleep. She didn't account on having a dropped down, dragged out fight for her life with a mythical creature--who by all accounts shouldn't exist. Hanging on by a thread she ends up at the headquarters of The Organization. A secret government program whose job is to monitor and study these creatures. 

Loren finds herself wrapped up in dark fantasy and now it seems like the only one she can trust is the possibly psychotic prisoner she escaped with. Niklaus Grimm is part of a dying breed, having lived a thousand years himself he knows it won't be long before the hunger of the beast sharing his body gets the better of him. Well that was what he was waiting for until Loren showed up-- 

Now Niklaus must help Loren through The Change. All the while protecting her from his enemies which are many. He has only one weakness now and it comes in the form of a sassy female. Once they find out what Loren means to him, they will want to do everything in their power to destroy him. Even if it means destroying her.

Cover by @forcade

mysteryperson0851 mysteryperson0851 Sep 02, 2016
Well... At least I am looking at a beautiful face before I die.
kathy12121 kathy12121 2 days ago
Bruh i would have said "how do you like your cat meat grilled or fried?" Or "expect cat stew when you get here"
If people in horror movies would stop calling out 'Hello is anyone in here?' Then they'd all probably be alive. Those words are never good to say out loud
Lissat0m0 Lissat0m0 Oct 28, 2016
I've been your fan since Revenant, and lemme tell you that this story is fascinating too👍
the_wrighter the_wrighter Oct 06, 2016
She could have checked the back seat and jumped out. Then run inside to hude
bestmom60 bestmom60 Oct 18, 2016
When you get that feeling you leave, you don't announce your presence by calling hello. You place the milk down and speed walk to your car.