Arrow of Artemis (The Brother's Grimm, #1)

Arrow of Artemis (The Brother's Grimm, #1)

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StrangerGranger By TeaNHeartache Completed

A Cursed Bloodline. 
A Bloodthirsty Beast. 
A Single Bite. 

The only thing Loren Bell cared about was passing all of her college finals and getting some much needed sleep. She didn't account on having a dropped down, dragged out fight for her life with a mythical creature (who by all accounts shouldn't exist). Hanging on by a thread she ended up in the clutches of a mysterious man named Solomon Kane and his team of hunters known only as spiders. 

In an attempt to escape, Loren comes face to face with another prisoner, Niklaus Grimm. A Lycan who was losing the battle with his beast. The unlikely pair formed an alliance leaving Niklaus to help Loren as the bite she received awakens the Lycaon gene in her body. 

As they navigate their fragile bond, things become more complicated as old friends turn to enemies and insidious plans begin to unfurl around them.  Niklaus knows that his only weakness now is the fragile female with hair as fiery as her tongue. He can only hope that he has the power to protect her, because they are willing to destroy her if it means getting what they want.


You know something awful is about to happen in this situation I just want to shake her and yell run NOW! Before the murder asks you to find chocolate sauce to go with the milk to make Hot Chocolate.
I hope you checked the backseat!  Always check the backseat.
Really? She couldn't have gone into any nearby stores or something or ran for the town?
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV Apr 24
I like the inspecting the date. It's something I always do when out grocery shopping with my mom and aunt so it feels nice having this detail
This is what I would do:
                              "Oh... uh... hello, sir.... how was your day," I would say taking steps backwards with tears in my eyes. Than I would run out the shop and to my car.
kathy12121 kathy12121 Feb 27
Bruh i would have said "how do you like your cat meat grilled or fried?" Or "expect cat stew when you get here"