The Wife

The Wife

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Kacee By _Trouvaille Completed

⚠️Book 1⚠️

"She is your Death..."

Meet Cassandra "Casey" Russell, the daughter who was disowned for not meeting her families standard of "fitting in", in a family of models, actors and ofcourse her father is a Senator and her mother a well known fashion designer.

She was the ugly black sheep of the family. The one who was never noticed even if she got the highest scores in class and brought home the gold for a quiz bee.

No.. Never was she noticed.

Even by the one guy whom she loved so much, looked at her with pity and is engaged to her perfect sister.

Poor Casey who got kicked out of the family mansion and left under the pouring rain with her drab duffle bag.

Casey who disappeared and never heard of.. Until now.

With only one thing in her mind, was her vengeance against those who failed her and treated her wrong.

thapu_1994 thapu_1994 Sep 03
Babe just watch superwoman's "parents comparing u to the other kids"
Ha but you should've punch your so called 'father' before you leave
Myaere Myaere Apr 04
Hahahaha 🖕 yeaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!! (Sorry that is not to anyone just celebrating with her) 😜
And you call her a mistake!? Clearly your parents are the one who did that
I hate how parents do this to their kids!! I can't even imagine how heartbreaking that would feel! People say that other classmates are usually the case of suicides yet I bet parents bullying their children fit right into that category
*shoves unconscious bodies into trunk
                              *bodies looks suspiciously like her family
                              *contemplates torture methods 
                              *grins evily and nods in accomplishment 
                              * is then showered in praise over "unknown" wink wink, body(s)