Death by Lightning  (OC x Zuko) book 3

Death by Lightning (OC x Zuko) book 3

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Caramel Rage By caramel-rage Updated Jan 03, 2017

Madelyn has had her whole world thrown out of balance. The Fire Nation has taken Ba Sing Se, the Avatar is thought to be dead,  and the lost prince of the Fire Nation has returned to his rightful place. On a more personal level, she remembers everything from her past in the Avatar world, her brother lays dying and no one can help him but himself, and she has been betrayed by the love of her life. 
The one thing on her mind is revenge. Taking out her anger on the one who hurt Aang and the one who broke her heart. But the only thing she can do now, is wait

This is the final book in this trilogy.  I hope it is good enough 
Sorry about the cover, it is the best I could find.

  • aang
  • atla
  • avatar
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • bending
  • elements
  • katara
  • sokka
  • toph
  • zuko
koulakoukoula koulakoukoula May 05, 2017
WTF, was she leaving in Cuba, or something, in her past life?
LejlaHazMagic LejlaHazMagic Feb 16, 2016
Dafaq? Daryl? And Michonne, and RICK? Yh, I'm pretty sure TWD is here
someone1noone someone1noone Oct 04, 2015
Can you please make then longer like the other books? I don't mind if you don't its just a suggestion.