Pretty Eyes, A H2OVanoss/H2OCat One-Shot

Pretty Eyes, A H2OVanoss/H2OCat One-Shot

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peteweezy By ArtsyAuthor Completed

Evan and Jonathan really are oblivious to each other's feelings. 

So, when Jon is hit on by a certain someone, things spiral into chaos for Evan.

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AllyshaRead6 AllyshaRead6 Nov 04, 2016
I'm lucky I don't have a brother or a sister but I had to change my password on my phone just in case
InternetAddictYT InternetAddictYT Aug 08, 2016
Question. Why is it called the 4th wall? What are the other 3?
Panda_Mimi Panda_Mimi Jul 18, 2016
it's 5:27 I can't take anything seriously I'm going to Thorpe Park in an hour I need my beauty sleep but I can't because I'm not tired and I am reading fanfictions and I need to peewee ahHahahahahaahahah
butterfan210 butterfan210 Dec 24, 2015
Fuckin' knows man... :3 no more hiding share like comment everything they know
ArtsyAuthor ArtsyAuthor Oct 05, 2015
Uh, I'll have to look. I hope so though! Hold on. @SaraPhoenix14