Dark Light

Dark Light

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Rebekah Joy By burpingtwig Updated Jun 05, 2016

Lucy never really had a choice. She had been an orphan her whole life and was about to be thrown out into the wide world anyway. She still fought him. She fought the control he sought to hold over her life. He was relentless, though, and now, she belongs body, heart, and soul to him.

Dirg knew he should have gotten a male pet, but she was simply too perfect an opportunity to pass up. He fought all those who declared he was wrong, even his father, the king. He wanted to keep her, but when he realized what she was, he didn't know what else to do. He tried to save her by getting rid of her, but what is he supposed to do when she nearly dies for him?

This romance is dark and slightly mature but not enough to be rated so, I think. Topics covered include Stockholm Syndrome, light vs dark, suicide, rape, religion, flight, fantasy politics, submission, and love. I have this story entirely written, so I'll update fairly quickly... maybe. Depends on several factors in my life. For anyone who has read it on Fictionpress, it has been edited and changed a bit from that original rough draft.

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