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Valentina Shulen By Valentina14 Updated Sep 28, 2012

My name is Elizabeth…
I’m 257 years old…
I was born in 1753…
I am a vampire…

It started at a party. I admit, I wasn’t the most lady-like girl what with my passion for men. My mother often told me I was naughty and she didn’t want to be around me in public because even the respectable young men knew who I was. It’s not that I wanted to be bad; I was just born that way. But, back to the story, I was flirting with the new, young, gorgeous man that had just moved into town. Some people were throwing a party for the new arrival, and, as disliked as I was by the proper ladies of the town, I was still an aristocrat and my family was invited to all of the parties. After a few flirty looks across the room at each other, he finally came over and asked me to dance. We went to the room where everyone was dancing, and he led me the perfect way with our hands clasped together and in the air. It was all very romantic. And I was surprised when he knew what I wanted, taking my arm and whispering in the ear telling me to be very quiet. I giggled lightly and we disappeared from the large house. He took me to his house and pulled me through the front door. He led me up to one of the upstairs bedrooms and kissed me. Our lips barely touched the first few times, but then he got more into it. This kissing went on for a little while and then…he bit me. My life changed dramatically after that.

thiswriterlives thiswriterlives Nov 15, 2015
I love it because it's awesome and my name is Elizabeth XD and people call me Eli
insxrgents insxrgents Aug 14, 2012
                              I WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE!! ok,I'm done spazzing.
Ezmeralde Ezmeralde Apr 24, 2011
Eli sounds like a girl after my own heart. Loving the story :D
Ezmeralde Ezmeralde Apr 24, 2011
This is Epic. I love it, from only the first chapter that i've read you've got me hooked :D 
Dj_L3nNy Dj_L3nNy Feb 20, 2011
this is really good. I think you should start working on this one again!
Dj_L3nNy Dj_L3nNy Feb 20, 2011
lol. I can't believe I've never read this one before ^.^
                              I think this is some of your best writing!