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Zealous (Tom Riddle)

Zealous (Tom Riddle)

156K Reads 6.5K Votes 39 Part Story
lepus By MissDisenchanted Completed

Elizabeth Marin was one of the most intelligent students in her year. The person stopping her from being the best? Tom Riddle. Elizabeth was prepared to go to any lengths to defeat Tom in being the top of every class - she was sure she'd make it. She was zealous. 

But what will happen when she gets paired with him more than she hopes to? Will 'zealous' become 'jealous'?

toadelaide toadelaide Jul 17, 2016
Ah this is weird reading knowing my fiends call me lizzie but this book is really good so far
DemonOfDreams DemonOfDreams Dec 23, 2016
I...*glances at hand* I am in l-*squints at blurry writing* in love with her
Chlolette Chlolette Feb 01
I don't think he would even stoop this low.. he have pride and ego you know..
aestheticbrendon aestheticbrendon Jul 26, 2016
um ok hunny but im pretty sure that comes later on; lets not get ahead of ourselves ok tommy boy
sprayurberry sprayurberry Sep 08, 2016
you're lucky i didn't have water in my mouth or i'd ACCIDENTALLY spit it on you.
celestialcavity celestialcavity Aug 07, 2016
i can picture voldemort having a tinder account: "likes girls who wear their hair loose"