The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Reader 】

The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Reader 】

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Orangebat Trash By LorenoSan Updated Sep 24

Kagamine Len.
Currently 16, Blonde hair and Electric Blue eyes. 
Known as a Vocaloid, and a Playboy by everyone. 

Although there's something you don't know about him.

He goes to your school, his hair dyed a light brown, although it's fading. Green contact lenses, red glasses. Doesn't act like a playboy at all, and is actually pretty smart. 

No one knows of his past, and no one speaks of it, and he doesn't give it away. 

This Kagamine Len, this Disguise, is named Kyou Atarui. 

And he doesn't want to have his reputation as a play boy known, so he could win the heart of the one he truly loved.

ktheawesome ktheawesome Jun 25
Lol I love this book already :) recommending it to my sister right now
DittoDino DittoDino Jul 16
Why is every fan fiction I read with Len a playboy!? Ugh I'm getting tired of this...
Me: suuuuuuuuurrrrrreeeeeeee mom cuz you know that I DONT take or sell drugs and I DO make good choices
IfTimeStops IfTimeStops Aug 05
Scratch off the, "Stay safe," and, "Make good choices," My mom knows I'll do neither
ktheawesome ktheawesome Jun 25
Does this mean Im smart since Im in 2-B or is that a bad thing .-. I know A is for einsteins but I just want to make sure.
Why are using japanese characters? Most people won't understand and have to constantly scroll down.