I Fell In Love With My Best Friend [girlxgirl]✔

I Fell In Love With My Best Friend [girlxgirl]✔

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It is Ashley's last year in highschool. She is like any other girl. She goes to school, does her homework, hangs out with her friends and all that.

Kaitlyn is one of her bestfriends, well the one at the top of the list that is. They do everything together and they were like sisters. However, one day, Ashley started to catch feelings for Kaitlyn.

"No... this can't be happening. She is only my bestfriend"

No matter how much she tries to deny it, her feelings for Kaitlyn grew stronger each day. But all she could do was get jealous when she sees Kaitlyn with other boys or even close to her other 2 bestfriends Florence and Isabelle. Little does she know that Kaitlyn also has feelings for her.

Will Ashley ever confess her true feelings for Kaitlyn? Or will this just ruin a perfectly good friendship?

M3loday M3loday Jul 22
You know it's a good book when you're piśsed off on the first damn page!
Teagan2017 Teagan2017 Apr 21
Lol I have for the first and last lesson on Mondays because I do two maths classes
M3loday M3loday Jul 22
That friendzone thing you just pulled? That needs to change.
20 days break and at the last day you immediately remember that you have a PowerPoint to do hahaha happens to me all the time
rameysshelby rameysshelby Sep 10, 2016
Well it sounds like he's gay to me (he needs to be happy) yeah ok i believe that but really he had to say he never loved her he had to go there.
crying_but_smiling crying_but_smiling Oct 30, 2016
My logic: If you wait until the last 5 minutes to do it, it only takes 5 minutes