News Flash! I'm a girl not a guy.

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Kenz :) By StoryGirlThatOnceWas Updated 3 years ago
All her life Robin has been seen by everyone as a guy. That is until her mom forces her and her brother to go to an all boy's school that their father attended in his younger years. Now Robin's life reaches a turn for the better when she finds out that there are people who can see that she is a girl. If only some of them were not trying to kill her. . .
This is really good I'm just lost on how Kane is only four months older then her.
You can't expect me to remember all the names, and the introducing the new guys was... let's just say it was kinda over-used like 'this is my roommate Trey'. I loved it though, and it is your story.
What, why are they all blushing? It doesn't make a single sense. :/ I'll see if I can find it out later, HOWEVER, i loved it. Nice idea.
@Kenzthestorygirl ^_^ I'm still buffering it and stuff, I don't write as much as I have done, I do more reading =]
@Kenzthestorygirl Thanks, I was really worried there. I've heard about fights on here over similar stories =(
                                    I Love the bizzare hair colours! I wish my mate would do that, but they arn't as mad as I am ^_^
@Kenzthestorygirl Yes I'm for real wrapped in this story now :D