My Greek goddess (camren)

My Greek goddess (camren)

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GiP Lauren.

What happens when your enemy turns out to be your one weakness. Meet Camila Cabello the daughter of Aphrodite. Camila has been at camp half blood for three years without leaving for a quest. What happens when she goes on one with her worst enemy. Read the story to find out more

Oh and I don't own some of the characters only the plot

kxngcfhell kxngcfhell Aug 07
this is either gonna end happily or in a whirlwind of angst, i'm prepared
YungMex YungMex Nov 11
Hell nah I ain't about to memorize this I goin all all of em gods accept that rat Austin but lets get it stated
I can't imagine alyssus as the daughter of the the god of the thieves
Hashtag daddy issues. But also, burning scar? Dang. Call me a fish cause you just caught me.
LaurenSLB LaurenSLB Jul 04
Ooh..we can make it work baby
                              We'd be crazy if we don't try
                              Love and hate is such a thin line.
kxngcfhell kxngcfhell Aug 07
cause it's the only way she can hide the burning passion inside