My Greek goddess (camren)

My Greek goddess (camren)

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GiP Lauren.

What happens when your enemy turns out to be your one weakness. Meet Camila Cabello the daughter of Aphrodite. Camila has been at camp half blood for three years without leaving for a quest. What happens when she goes on one with her worst enemy. Read the story to find out more

Oh and I don't own some of the characters only the plot

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AestheticallyCamren AestheticallyCamren Sep 27, 2017
I feel like I've read this before... But nahh, whatever... Let's do this y'all!!!
itscamrenllo itscamrenllo Jul 18, 2017
I see dichen alycia eliza lindsey ricky devon and christopher so where is my wife marie?? or is she supposed to be maria? is that her full name or something?
Zals_1 Zals_1 Sep 29, 2017
Not that I mind but I thought Hera doesn't and can't have human kids?
QueenOfHearts_XIII QueenOfHearts_XIII Jun 25, 2017
Btw Hera wouldn't have had kids cause she is the goddess of marriage meaning she is the patron of sacred marriage.... she would have just had kids with Zeus and no outside kids
                              But I'll roll with this lmao
InTheBleu InTheBleu Jun 07, 2017
Okay but in Greek Mythology, Hades and Aphrodite are basically married/together. Wouldn't that make Camila and Lauren technically sisters? 😱😱😱 All the Gods & Goddesses are family anyway but still...
YungMex YungMex Nov 11, 2016
Hell nah I ain't about to memorize this I goin all all of em gods accept that rat Austin but lets get it stated