The Other Girl ( Teen Wolf )

The Other Girl ( Teen Wolf )

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Scott's sister Emily gets herself into trouble when she falls for a guy who might cost her more than her heart. 

This is a Pg-13 story. It will contain adult material so please be warned.

(JUST TO CLEAR UP SOME STUFF! If you do not watch Teen Wolf you will be able to understand this :) I will explain everything that goes on in the TV show. It is a story about another character I added to my own perspective of the show (Emily) . ENJOY! :)

Updated every 3-5 days :)

I do not own the characters of TV show teen wolf such as Scott, Derek, Allison, Stiles, and so on. I do not own the show teen wolf. I do not own any plots linked to the TV show. I do own my characters such as Emily and her friend Stephanie and Sean.

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vamp678 vamp678 Jan 13
Okay i read a story of teen wolf. There was a character named Jacy. This part of ths story was quite  like  this  so idk.😐😑🤔🤔..but I could be wrong  too...
ayla0700 ayla0700 Nov 30, 2017
okay no...see what we r not gonna do is act like this is okay...cuz its not!!!!! like damn peter is tursty as fuq give that boy some milk.....and a therapist.... damn got me all mad at 3am!!
ayla0700 ayla0700 Nov 30, 2017
                              but it kinda make sense other waise the book would be boring...soo.... nvm
GGREAA GGREAA May 23, 2017
After two years, I'm rereading this because it's such an awesome book. Dang girl, good job💪
ayla0700 ayla0700 Nov 30, 2017
whyyy do i get a feeling that this is scott.........PLOT*motherfuqing*TWISY
iibriii iibriii Aug 22, 2017
Hey it could still be damon🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂😂