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squads, short stories, ships, etc.

♚ book one of the zodiac trilogy

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I hate saying my zodiac sign, because everyone in my school act like freaking 4 year olds, and I'm one of them ;-;
eff no
                              they are striving for the top 24/7
                              now that i think of it, maybe it depends
why do i always giggle? cuz i never giggle in real life?! except....when i see mah cute-ass crush....maybe
Your wrong.... I’m the quiet and not cute one... I’m so quiet most of my class forgot my name bro
Im still chasing after this aries boy omg he so mean but my besty n Aries n she funny af I mean u guys would think we're weird  , we laugh at a horse legs when it's walking lmao
Talwert Talwert Mar 30
Wait are all cancers pale and blonde? One of my friends is a cancer and is the same way