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squads, short stories, ships, etc.

♚ book one of the zodiac trilogy

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purelyalive purelyalive Oct 04
yeah ! no dumb !1!1!1  2+2 = €4  and that means enough to buy chocolat
Scruffy447 Scruffy447 Jul 30
Cancer: *Goes up to a person irl* Hi I'm Cancer!
                              Irl person: o_o get away from me.
LexusFox LexusFox Apr 23
I hate my life, my friend is cancer and my crush is Aries, and that's why he likes her and I want to kill myself good bye
fiktionqueen fiktionqueen 6 days ago
I think the true thing is that everyone THINKS we're innocent
lol__p lol__p Jul 26
Yeah I get you I say a lot of things it's not to be rude or anything but damn people get sensitive to easily
"I'm cancer" Not only is my Zodiac a cancer, but because of memes I am cancer