Korean Next Door [SEVENTEEN HOSHI]

Korean Next Door [SEVENTEEN HOSHI]

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Everything went pretty differently when a Korean national moved next to your house. A weird Korean guy who always hides his identityㅡHoshi.

[BOOK 1]
started ; october 2015
ended   ; january 2016

+ [BOOK 2]
started ; february 2016
ended ; june 2016

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Gayo gayo
                              No one wants you here
                              Get out get out
                              There is a difference 
                              I am put up
                              With your shït
It was Delicious , I've tried that here in the Philippines😊😊😊
hosolarshi hosolarshi Aug 01
Can I stab her until no one can save her and when she is in danger, I will run. Sorry that sucks. Realised the songs 😏
Haneul_BflySky Haneul_BflySky 2 days ago
Lol I'm here to read then I saw the writer name I laugh non stop but trueee
-aegidino -aegidino Jul 14
The main character is just. I want to murder her in her sleep.
-lyingdncr -lyingdncr Jul 27
Almost all my friends are Chinese, I have to learn Chinese in school.
                              Japanese is anime. Anime is Japanese. I watch anime (but still not otaku uHuhhUhuHuh)
                              Korean is what I'm witnessing. MY LIFEU UhuhUhuuhuHuh