Kian and Jc's sex slave

Kian and Jc's sex slave

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Christina Cloud By ChrisstinePanda Updated Aug 27

-Nessa! Get your ass here!,my mom yelled from downstairs.
-I'm coming! ,i yelled back getting up.

Oh you could tell I'm Nessa. name is Vanessa Moon. But nobody calls me like that. I live with my mom. She is an alcoholic bitch. Oh...and addicted to drugs. She used to sell everything from the house to buy drugs and alcohol. 

-what do you want? ,i said walking in the living room.
-go pack your bags,she said not looking at me.
-what for? ,i asked confused.
-cause you are leaving,she said still without looking at me.

I left the room without saying a word.
"you found another thing to sell haven't you...!?" ,i mumbled packing my stuff. I don't have many things. But for me they are enough. In around 2hours i was ready to leave. was just in time.

-move your ass down here and take your bags with you!,yelled my mom.

I walked downstairs with my bags and got in the living room. In front of me were standing 2guys. i looked at my mom shocked.

-have fun,said my ...

Not as big as this dick (I don't have a dick because I'm a girl. But come on, I couldn't pass that up)
"Its pretty big" thats what she said,fist bump,  huh...anybody, no, ok😕😣
You should try using quotations. It would make this so much easier to read tbh
5secondsofheaven_ 5secondsofheaven_ Nov 22, 2015
You should really just keep using quotation marks. And you spelled beige instead of "being".