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Legend (herobrine X reader)

Legend (herobrine X reader)

32.2K Reads 1.1K Votes 16 Part Story
Kat By cherry556677 Completed

(You lived a normal life in the by the river near the the woods just a few miles away from the town. Life was good.)

✖This is my first story so its not that good.>~< Btw I started to fix some chapters so yeah✖

Ostara2004 Ostara2004 Aug 27, 2016
* grabs enchanted diamond armor and sword*  LEMME AT EM! IMMA KILL YOU HEROBRINE!! * jumps off a small cliff heroically
The-Shadow-Pheonix The-Shadow-Pheonix Jul 19, 2016
...great book so far! ...u know whats weird...on my youtube channel...herobrine is my dad...yeah its weird
Trap_the_mlg Trap_the_mlg 4 days ago
Uhm I'm dying my hair purple for Bonnie ._. So can u say purple hair?
lizydragoness13 lizydragoness13 Dec 27, 2016
Red hoodie blue pants and red shoes with black fingerless gloves with a white trimming at the wrist of the glove
Ostara2004 Ostara2004 Aug 27, 2016
*jumps off a small cliff heroically* HI---YAA!!* falls flat on face* ow.