My Neko (Ereri)

My Neko (Ereri)

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sorry I'm not good at writing descriptions so here's my best. story's a lot better than what the description sounds like.

Also all covers and pictures are from Twitter or Google images.


Levi has been pulled into a world he never knew existed as Eren finds himself a new home and owner.

Will Eren's wish to be treated as an equal ever come true?

And will Levi cope with someone else living with him?

NatashaS293 NatashaS293 Sep 12
"I had black tea" - Levi
                              So i think he mean his favorite tea, Earl Grey.
julia92802 julia92802 Mar 26
I'm glad you're being taken away from your father because F U GRISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can Erin be a special Neko that can fall pregnant cause we need a ereri child
Jason? JASON?!?!? J A S O N?!? 
                              WHAT'S 1000-7 HUH JASON?!?!?
julia92802 julia92802 Mar 31
I had a teacher named Ms. brown....b*tch. (I mean whaaaaaaaaaaaaat.)
This is starting to sound like a friken thing at sea world XD