Sincerely, Broken Girl

Sincerely, Broken Girl

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Dear Diary, 

The popular boy beat me up again. He and his friends. I deserved it. For being fat and ugly. 

And It's true. Everyone says that, including my alcoholic father. All I want, is to have one peaceful day to myself where no one will be able to remind me of how ugly I look. 

I guess that'll be nice. 

Sincerely, broken girl.

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tiger8715 tiger8715 Aug 08, 2017
please please tell me the girl doesn't end up with him cause i've read so many books that they do get together like no just no this is my opinion
zehra_tirmzi zehra_tirmzi May 14, 2017
YO! At first I was like dude really then you sAY U ALERGIC TO TEM
I_AM_food_bowdown I_AM_food_bowdown Aug 23, 2017
Hold my hoops I finna beat somebody ass cus this is wrong what wrong with these people
BANGTWICE2016 BANGTWICE2016 Dec 03, 2017
She is lucky her allergy reaction is just swelling in the face. A lot of people I know they have a hard time breathing and die if they aren’t lucky enough to reach a hospital in time
kookiemoster3 kookiemoster3 Aug 02, 2017
                              NOW TIE ME TO A CHAIR
-desuetude- -desuetude- May 09, 2016
Here I am, reading another story 
                              Why do I hurt myself like this
                              Why do I read these books??