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Shooting Hearts

Shooting Hearts

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W H I T N E Y By wheadee Updated 5 days ago

What are you shooting for?
For seventeen-year-old Cameron Marx it's a future. With his mother struggling to make ends meet, basketball is his only shot. There's just one small problem: he goes to Westlake High, the second best school in the state as far as basketball goes. To be the best, you have to beat continual state champions Bristol High. Westlake and Bristol are known rivals on both the basketball court and throughout the city of Akron. Tension is always at a high when it comes to the beating Bristol's basketball team annually gives to Westlake at the state championship. However, all comes to a head when the superintendent decides to tear down old Bristol High and ship most of its students to Westlake. Cameron is one of the best basketball players in the city and the last thing he needs is a bunch of Bristol basketball players coming in to ruin his spotlight on the court, after all, it's not just a game for him, it's all or nothing.
         Seventeen-year-old Monica Matthews is no stranger to the beef between the two schools and quickly pledges lasting loyalty to Bristol once she transfers to Westlake. In fact, she'd sooner drop out than step foot at Westlake. Being the head basketball coach's daughter and the star player's good friend, changing schools is a fate worse than death. It makes her a big target.
         When Monica and Cameron meet sparks is the last thing that fly. To Monica, Cameron's just the cocky prick on the sorry basketball team. To Cameron, Monica's just the angry girl who needs to chill out. With allegiance for their two schools, nothing could bring these two close together - except maybe the good of the game.

Regenexx Regenexx 2 days ago
My aunt and grandmother😂😂 they also said years ago things didnt even have an expiration date on it so the expiration date doesn't necessarily mean the milk is bad but the store shouldn't sell it after that day
within_sevenfold27 within_sevenfold27 Jul 01, 2016
Been meaning to read this for a while now. Glad to finally be starting. I don't usually read a lot of sports centered books, so this should be interesting. I'm ready! :)
its_overrated its_overrated Nov 08, 2016
I'll joke around about his music cause he's white but I really appreciate that he's not a cliche and listens to rap/trap/hip-hop/RNB and appropriates black culture and colloquialisms. But your characters usually have great depth, Whitney so no surprise there
KalinaHerbo KalinaHerbo Nov 05, 2016
The whole time i thought he was a she and he white the hell😭😭😭😭💀
avilik13 avilik13 Nov 05, 2016
I've been meaning to read this and catch up on all your other books so here goes...