Dazzled by the Boss[MATURE]

Dazzled by the Boss[MATURE]

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ZMHanna By ZMHanna Updated Dec 24, 2017

My body slams into the bed and his lips and tongue caress my neck. His skilled hands slide off my dress, and he unhooks my bra. He stops and speaks with a panted breath. "I want to take this slow, no matter how bad I want to just tear into you." He says before slowly kissing down my body, I moan as he kisses my sex through the thin lace panties. He slides them off with two fingers, his kisses go up my thigh until they reach that spot and my body clenches and I rise into the air. He rises and looks down on me, his dark hair tousled. His eyes stare into mine as his shirt falls to the floor along with his pants and briefs. His erection flops out, the long length makes me nauseous. He lays on top of be before entering, pain and pleasure mix as he slowly thrusts his hips into me. My hands slide down his back and I grab his buttocks, I'm so wet under him.

Sarah Franklin is new to the overwhelming city of Boston. As she starts her new life with her best friend Joesy, she finds a job as the assistant of the city's wealthiest bachelor, Garrett Royler. The sexy boss shocks Sarah's world, rips her emotions apart, and arouses her every time he's in the room.

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