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Game Over

Game Over

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Milah (WrittenDarkness) By CATtheDrawer Updated 7 days ago

Your rank. Your life. 
Or that is what Adam always thought was the straight-forward road of life. However all of that changed when he happens across a mysterious necklace that instantly connects with him. And unfortunately for those entrusted with the necklace, Adam is now the caretaker of the necklace and must be brought back to the AHD, the place where heroes are born, and the place the necklace was created. 
Adam has long since been an admirer of the AHD. He's heard the stories of the  great Players. Players have the rare gift of a respawn, where they can die over and over again and live. While Humans like Adam only have one life. But since finding the necklace, Adam is shocked to discover that the one who created it, created it to grant normal humans like him, Player like abilities. 
For the first time ever, Adam has the chance to follow an impossible dream. A dream only accomplished by a chance encounter. For Adam, this meant a grand adventure as a hero himself. 
But things aren't all that they seem in the Association of Human Defense... Everywhere Adam seems to go he finds even the people he looked up to aren't all that great. 
Adam discovers a world filled with corruption and an ancient war that has been hidden from the public for centuries. Adam is faced with reality where he doesn't know who's just and who's not. As the number of problems keep piling up, he's no longer sure if they are worth the effort to fix. 
Art and Story (c): CATtheDrawer/WrittenDarkness

LinkedWorlds LinkedWorlds 6 days ago
*spends two hours signing paper* *then realises I spelt my name wrong*
sweet_lilly_love sweet_lilly_love Jul 25, 2016
Why do I feel like it says something along the lines of, "One will remain"?
G4MINGUniverse G4MINGUniverse Jul 25, 2016
I wish they would publish your books..i love them..i would save meh moneh to buyeh le bookehs
Silvia_Stargazer Silvia_Stargazer Dec 05, 2016
Mmmmm...... I love the callenge of your work,  cause normally when I read I can see how certain scenarios will go. But with your work, I don't "see" as many as usual. It's so awesome when that happens, and also sometimes the ones I do see don't turn out the way I predict it.
EllasticKitten13 EllasticKitten13 Nov 01, 2016
Is it The Furthank-Order out of Chaos version of Runes? Some of the symbols match up, like the Circle meaning 'O.' But I can't find anything else. The only thing that tipped me off was the original title "Runes," but that turned up fruitless as well...
Silvia_Stargazer Silvia_Stargazer Dec 05, 2016
Ya know what I find really interesting about this cover? Adam has his hands out, like he is receiving something. And his eyes are closed like he is imagining something. Also something else peculiar is Ross smiling in Adam's presence.