Billdip One-shots

Billdip One-shots

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Ciphers-Obsession By Ciphers-Obsession Updated May 17, 2016

I was inspired by my friend Sunshine or their wattpad name Bipperlove666. This is my first attempt at a One-shot book so please be kind. Also Bill will always have his human body and Dipper will always be at least 18.

Bill sits in a tree near the Mystery Shack. The occupants had gone to sleep hours ago. 
Bill stands up and jumps out of the tree and walks up to the shack. He easily slips inside with out being heard and runs upstairs. 
He stops when he reaches the attic room and slowly sneaks in. 
Bill smiles as when he sees the brunette boy sleeping. Walking over to the bed Bill smiles and brushes the hair from his face.

"You're re coming home now Pine Tree."

Bill places a kiss on his forehead and steps back. He then takes a deep breath and begins to sing.

Come Little Children
I'll Take Thee Away,
Into A Land Of

Come Little Children
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden
Of Magic

The boy in the bed stirs and slowly gets out of bed. Bill smiles and continues to sing ...

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DerpCatWritesMore DerpCatWritesMore Nov 22, 2017
Ima murder your fookin' ass....THEY SEE ME ROLLIN' BE HATIN'
Genie-DemonQueen Genie-DemonQueen Feb 09, 2017
I'm literally in tears! 😭😭 *sobs and shoves ice cream in mouth while reading*
Ships_and_Dip Ships_and_Dip Sep 14, 2016
I'm going to do this. I actually had the idea of this song for a chapter. Ohhohoohoh I love it!