A Vampire and a Wolf?! ((Suga x Reader))

A Vampire and a Wolf?! ((Suga x Reader))

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Jesse Swan By BlueTailedWolf Updated Mar 23

Hai hai~! Jesse here with a fanfiction of my bias from BTS :3 Hope this can get a few reads from the fangirls~ Enjoy~

UPDATED MONTHLY ((usually, sometimes there's surprise updates ;3))


"quick an energetic" who are you and what have you done to suga
Dude... What the crap? So you can call her by her full name, but she can't call you by yours?
Ummm... Then do you mind if I call you by your full name!? Like, seriously dude!!! Do you give a shït, or do you not!?
IArmyVip IArmyVip Oct 21, 2016
Wait, if I want to avoid the sun, wouldn't I wear a brighter/lighter color other than black? Wow! I AM a weird kid. Haha
ZzGallagher ZzGallagher Sep 26, 2016
That's low if you think that was a start of a good relationship
YKPVee YKPVee Sep 10, 2016
Only just realised what this meant over about an hour and a half of reading it over and over again and watching bits of peppa pig in between