A Vampire and a Wolf?! ((Suga x Reader))

A Vampire and a Wolf?! ((Suga x Reader))

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Jesse Swan By BlueTailedWolf Updated Mar 23, 2017

Hai hai~! Jesse here with a fanfiction of my bias from BTS :3 Hope this can get a few reads from the fangirls~ Enjoy~

UPDATED MONTHLY ((usually, sometimes there's surprise updates ;3))


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weirdCrazedGirl55 weirdCrazedGirl55 Mar 27, 2017
It took me a couple of hours to remember their names but recognizing them took me almost a month
SugaKookieCupOfTae SugaKookieCupOfTae Apr 08, 2017
I used to never tell tae and kookie apart bc I only watched boy in luv and no other mv. And she learned it in less than 5 minutes?
demidrei333 demidrei333 May 30, 2017
Well rank love:
                              1 being the first .
                              1) sleep
                              2) food
                              3) wifi
                              4) music
                              5) fam
                              6) fangirling
                              7) loveh
Kaylab_oss Kaylab_oss Dec 05, 2017
ok hi whatever I honestly don’t give a shït , very nice name
Yoongi_030993 Yoongi_030993 Aug 26, 2017
This is what happens when I wake up at 7:00 to watch kpop and later when im satisfied with what i watched, its nyt nyt
LightningGirl50 LightningGirl50 Mar 24, 2017
How?!?! I mean I applaud you for learning them so quickly, but damn girly. When I first saw them I had mistaken V's name for Suga instead.