Bill cipher x reader

Bill cipher x reader

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(Your pov)
I was on the bus to Gravity falls oragan. I have always wondered what my friend bill was like since we were kids.


"Bill." I said walking over to him. "What do you want Y/n." He says in his human form. "I wanna play a game." I whined sitting on his lap. "I'm busy but when we're older we'll play together k kid." He says putting his hand out and his blue flames came out. "Deal." I said and shaked his hand.

-end of flashback-

I got off the bus and walked through the forest. As i walked i saw a yellow triangle in front of me. "Hey kid did you miss me." I surprisingly looked shocked. "Bill." I said with tears forming in my eyes. "The one and only awe did you miss me." He says as i hugged him. "It's been 16 years." I.said and kept hugging him. "Ok ok kid get off of me." He says but hugs me back."Bill cipher get off of her." A voice said and looked at it.

duhitzlivvv duhitzlivvv Jul 26
When your sibling has food and you run and grab some and then run away
When I was reading this all i could think of was "IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" XD
EliasTaisei EliasTaisei Aug 16
When I saw ApplePie I immediately imagined Tree Trunks from Adventure Time
When somebody has a literal buffet on their plate but won't let you have some
Me: I'm ready to die
                              Bill: gods no!!!! APPLEPIE I SHALL SAVE YOU
                              ME: Bill you Dorito I'm just playing with my good pal the multi bear 
                              Multi bear and me:  DISCO GIRL COMING THROUGH THAT GIRL IS YOU!!