Shh.. My Peverted Husband

Shh.. My Peverted Husband

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bts trash By -hoeseokkie Updated Apr 04, 2016

Arranged marriage?!

The two said in their mind, obviously surprised for the sudden proposal. 

"But guys can't marry, mom!"

"Please, for the sake of your grandpa. I begged you."

They look to each other. They pushed their long enemy relationship aside, this is for grandpa. 

A marriage with a contract that ties them up tightly. No one ever dare to break them. Why?

Because in the end, they will fall in love with each other.

But for Kyungsoo, he won't stand with his handsome husband. A perfect husband. A rich husband. A pervert husband.

Shh.. My peverted Husband.

AleenaYEHET AleenaYEHET May 27
yeah right. you guys are NEVER EVER gonna fall for each other !? haha   ... let's see. boys gonna fail so bad.
sadsal sadsal Apr 15, 2016
Yess...Its impossible for kyungsoo.....U will fall for him and for jong  too....
minsugasbae minsugasbae Mar 22, 2016
Idk why I laughed at this...  probably cause its too early for me rn
kaisooaddiction kaisooaddiction Jan 31, 2016
Authornim very happy that you. wrote this story. I'm very exited in every chapters ... Fighting!!!
kaisooaddiction kaisooaddiction Jan 31, 2016
Authornim thank you for writing kaisoo fanfic story.. I'm very exited in every chapter.. Fighting
bts_jk_9798 bts_jk_9798 Oct 09, 2015
Kyungsoo I think it's kinda impossible that you won't fall for him