Yandere! America x Reader

Yandere! America x Reader

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Radical MemeLord By iAmFireBurning0 Updated Feb 26

Alfred Jones, or America, met (y/n) by chance. 

He felt like this isn't the fist time he has met her, and that they where meant to be. He needed her, all to himself.

He will go to any extent to have the american dream life with her, even if he had to go 


AlbinoPotato AlbinoPotato Dec 19, 2016
No, no.
                              We of Hetalia don't yell internally
                              We SCREAM internally.
SpadedSpotty SpadedSpotty Sep 15, 2016
I remember being called that once, the feeling to read it again makes me feel the same way
                              " 0///0 Ohz.. uh... Thanks... I guess... *Smol me slinks away.* "
Nami-Chii Nami-Chii May 07, 2016
This time he burn the cereal next time he's burn the water.....
awkwaredkitty500 awkwaredkitty500 May 22, 2016
The worst greatest pain that comes with love is loving some one you can't have
AlbinoPotato AlbinoPotato Dec 19, 2016
Of course we'll meet again
                              I don't know where. And who knows when
                              But we'll meet again some sunny d-- *Unfortunately, AlfredSinnamonrollz has been shot in the head*
whatnowbeach978 whatnowbeach978 Jun 25, 2016
and this is part of his magic burning stuff normal county's and humans can't