This can be our secret (StudxStud)

This can be our secret (StudxStud)

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Daddy_Dez By Thetrillestlesbian Updated Apr 19, 2016

Sam and Amanda are complete stranger's two stud's from different place's in their life,until something they share interest in to bring them together,will the same thing that brought them together be the very thing to tear them a part?

"I heard you like me even though I'm your manager is that true?" Amanda said while looking at me in my eye's

I swallowed my drink choking alittle on it,
 "No" it's not I lied I hope the truth never get out from any of the people I work with.

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- - Mar 14, 2016
Well I see this is going to be a crazy ride but I'm looking forward to it!
Papi__Diam007 Papi__Diam007 Feb 13, 2016
I'm ready for a update already sound like this story bout ta be fire 👍🔥✊
Jay_Duh330 Jay_Duh330 Aug 29, 2016
I can't tell you how excited I was when I read this☺️☺️
Freddie_Tomlinson Freddie_Tomlinson Mar 26, 2016
I see my 2nd favorite band in the BG of the MM pic! Nirvana!!
- - Feb 15, 2016
This chapters pretty short *gasp* not fair not fair at all.. I am loving this twist you have going on ☺
aprilluv2luv aprilluv2luv Feb 12, 2016
I never get disappointed when reading your stories so I can't wait to see how this play out...good start!