✔ The Otaku Bible

✔ The Otaku Bible

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In the name of the father (Minato)
The son (Naruto)
And the holy spirit (Jiraya)


Random things about anime.

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Ninth_Kira143 Ninth_Kira143 6 days ago
Yeah like yaoi is love, yaoi is laifu. #sebaciel #kanehide #mikayuu
I'm so happy I finally found a book on my religion! ~ yaoi is amazing! ~
Mpreg is messed up and not possible as far as I'm aware. That is the main thing I don't in the anime that include it.
Powerpaw Powerpaw Oct 04
I know I'm probably going to get hate for this but, What Anime is this from?
MekuKuro MekuKuro Nov 06, 2015
Hey hey, totally fine, mom. ;D XD (You know what I'm talking about XD)