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Lillyin By LillyinSnappe Completed

WELCOME to Hotel Transylvania!  Human free since forever!  But now... Jonathan has arrived and has brought Elisabeth with him.  Follow Lis during her hectic stay at Hotel Transylvania.

THANK YA' ALL! I'm at 49.59K (495,900) reads on this story! That's 35,421 people to read this one start to finish! And the numbers keep growing! So exciting!

This is pure fan fiction! [with some romance] Please don't judge me based on it.
PLEASE criticism is welcome and appreciated but being rude is not.  This is my first story and i ask that you be nice.  I'm not very good at grammar or spelling so I'm sorry if anything is not right.  feel free to mention it but don't be rude.

  • dracula
  • fantasy
  • hotel
  • romance
  • transylvania
Alphabetsandwich Alphabetsandwich May 16, 2017
That speak with the voices ofvthe dead is a little disturbing
ArielWinsmann ArielWinsmann Jul 23, 2017
I love this version! I'm so singing it like this from now on.
Rosie9767 Rosie9767 Dec 19, 2017
I love this song! I would love to hear someone sing this version
2ArchAngels 2ArchAngels Oct 16, 2017
That actually goes well with the theme of Hotel Transylvania
Annaannie2001 Annaannie2001 Jan 10, 2017
Wait a minute, is this all the colours of the wind Pocahontas reworded???
Aesthetic_Archer Aesthetic_Archer Jan 09, 2017
Well.... that's......... different.... (walks away silently)