Twisted Tales: Cinderella

Twisted Tales: Cinderella

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Zoe 🤘🏻🖤 By Zoezomo Updated Nov 12, 2017

Genevieve Glass is a shoemaker. In her small village, she hides an unknown talent behind the face of Madame Claudia's Shoe Emporium. Genevieve's employer hates her, and treats her like a workhorse, but the job is all she has to support herself.

But when a request is hand delivered to Genny, the only one left at the shop one night, her life has a chance to change for the better. This request is for the fair Princess Selena, who needs the best set of shoes for an upcoming ball. Seeing her chance to find a better future, Genevieve works in secret for weeks to make the best pair of shoes in the whole kingdom.

But when she goes to deliver the shoes, she finds more at the Palace than just an just an employer. In a debacle over glass shoes, Genny heads to the ball to talk to the Princess herself. After some confusion, they become fast friends.

Putting a twist on the classic Cinderella tale, Genevieve puts her career, her reputation, and most of all- her heart -on the line.

Everything rests upon a pair of shoes.

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