Psycho || h.s.

Psycho || h.s.

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"Your legacy goes on, Harry..."

Cover by @MagicAl_WinGs_

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Lol, I have a twin brother and every time we're seen together (which is always because twins are joined both physically and mentally lol) everyone is like 'oml, are you guys like twins' and I am like 'bruh, no, he is my clone, there is a difference....OBVIOUSLY WE'RE TWINS YOU ASS CLOWNS'
kmskmss kmskmss Jun 05
Guys I'm pretty sure he's just clumsy and was holding a knife and slipped 47 times jeez y'all jump to conclusions so fast 😪🙄😒
Be nice if a guy said that to me. I mean I'm pretty confident but no one really looks at me
Biancakristinaa Biancakristinaa an hour ago
This was so well written, as gruesome as it was, I could imagine what you had written
Almost every comment says "smoke weed" all I thought was "high five?" 😂
Ohh  no shouldn't have said coffee because now I want some lol 😂 iced coffee sounds so good right now!