Psycho || h.s.

Psycho || h.s.

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-wanderlust By -adaptation Completed

"Your legacy goes on, Harry..."

Cover by @MagicAl_WinGs_

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When clouds comes on I air stab. The murderer was listing to clouds while he killed her
Me and my family close af we be all like" I love you and I don't know what I would do with out you " and we be grabbing each others booty's get you a family that can do both 😂😂
Lol I like killing people 😑😈😠😲😫😖😵😱😣😩😤😬😢😨😈😈😈😈
doesn't seem like you're on the loose if you're watching the news
asia165 asia165 Nov 29
This literally me I can't show emotion... like if someone cries in front of me I will tell them to stop being so emotional